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In an email circulated to close supporters this week, Young Americans for Liberty President, Cliff Maloney, detailed how his organization helped get Dry Ridge’s Savannah Maddox elected to represent the 61st District, and how she rapidly delivered results to her libertarian-leaning backers, getting Constitutional Carry passed and signed by the Governor in her first term as a legislator.

Maddox, a young Kentucky mother of two children, received support from Young American’s for Liberty’s “Win at The Door” program, a concentrated campaign to elect liberty-minded legislators that launched in 2018 under Maloney’s leadership.

Wildly successful, Win at The Door has taken YAL’s support base of millions of student activists, and converted it into dozens of victories, winning elections for more than three dozen libertarian-leaning representatives across the United States, by knocking on an unprecedented 1,050,057 doors of targeted voters.

With Maddox, the results speak for themselves. Not only can libertarians get sympathetic people elected to office; they can also get results once there.

The passing of Constitutional Carry in Kentucky is just another in a string of perpetual victories lined up for libertarians in the near future.

Stay tuned!

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